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KolymaNET withdraws from Vidlii ownership, now hosting only

Vidlii, which was jointly owned by the Kolyma Network and a individual known as "lolwut", is now under the sole ownership of lolwut, after the Kolyma Network resigned from administration responsibility, saying:

"Vidliis users and content, and their attitudes towards current events are incompatible with becoming a Kolyma Network owned website. The former co-administrator, lolwut, will now become the sole administrator, and we will withdraw all KolymaNET personnel from the website, as well as delete KolymaNET affiliated accounts, and remove support of KolymaNET software".

Kolyma will however continue to provide hosting - and will NOT force Vidlii onto another host.
The controversy was apparently spawned after lolwut promoted Anti-Russian videos on the front page, and reffered to a kolyma-affiliated news organization called ANMO a "pro-russian source" which was "too biased" to be featured on the sites front page. This combined with conflict with anti-russian staff, as well as lolwuts refusal to crack down on anti-russian propaganda on the site, caused Vidlii to be "too anti-kolyma and partisan" for KolymaNET to be officially involved in its administration.

Despite KolymaNET developers fixing the site, removing all ad revenue, and performing a transfer in record time, and despite widespread pro-kolyma attitudes on the site, the disagreement in the administration ended peacefully, with KolymaNET withdrawing its moderators as well as rescinding developer help. According to Finance Director Dmitri Semenov, Vidlii will now also need to pay a higher hosting fee, as KolymaNET was previously covering some costs, but since the removal of help, lolwut will now need to foot all the bills himself.

"Sad, and disgraceful." is how kaguya, a high ranking Kolyma Official describes the situation

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