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Founders Day celebrations in Kolyma approach, preparations for large celebrations begin.

March 14th is the official day of founding for 9channel and the Kolyma Network, this year it will mark the 17th anniversary of the founding of the 2 sites. Previous celebrations of the event have been described as "lackluster" but according to sources from the commission of the interior affairs of kolymaNET, the celebrations this year will be "Greatly increased". Some blessings are expected to be given to the users, including some bug fix releases, greater file size allowances across websites, and a festive CSS theme applied to other websites.

The KolymaNET hosting service, which seems to be in disrepair, also is planned to offer discounts. Officials have offered little explanation on why the service is broken, stating that "developer shortages caused by recent events" have halted development, including the anticpated 1.0 release of MasterPanel, a kolyma-built alternative to Cpanel, which was apparently 30% done in February.

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