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The decline of the 'party? February activity down 40%

Soyjak.party has been in steady decline ever since the BBC war, though activity was dipping before then, after this event and the CP spam and the rupture between kuz and soot, activity dipped signficantly.

Constant CP raids and dramafagging has made Soot question his will to run the site, stating that he considers shutting down the party "more and more"

One chud says

>Eventually, the only 'shartygoers left will be oldfag coalers circlejerking. Every community needs a steady influx of new members to survive, but it seems right now there are more users leaving than there are users joining. Only time will tell.

Despite desperate users claiming "demoralization" recent stats show that the partys daily activity rate has fell by over 40% in recent times.
Soyjak.party's PPH fell from 120 to just 25 AT PEAK HOURS, and dips into the the low teens (13-15) when americans are sleeping, a unprecidented low
One shartyer suggests:

>The real reason the sharty died is because kuz got bored and 80% of activity came from him, his shills, and the people talking with them. He found a new site (vidlii) and literally left the party days afterwards, only coming back when he thought soot might be willing to sell.

>The sharty was just a playtoy for kuz until he found another one, and now that hes gone we're all having a hard time coping with going back to normal, pre-kuz activity

>Notice how it sharply spiked when he came here and brought fascinating/intriguing drama (drama brings acitivty like nothing else) and hugely dipped when he left

>Its not over, its just that kuz and all the activity (Good and bad) he brought is now slowly leaving, drama threads arent that common anymore

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