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Director Maximov says he will no longer report vulnerabilities to 'websites with hostile admins'

Maximov, director of Kolyma's 'Network Security Service' has said that members of the NSS's cyber security research division will no longer be required to report dangerous vulnerabilities to the admins of sites who are deemed "Hostile to Kolyma" by Maximov.

In 2021 alone, 22 "extremely dangerous" exploits and bugs were reported by the NSS, including 4 to sites deemed hostile, such as 4-ch, soyjak.party, and 3chan. Traditionally it was Kuznetsov's order to have them reported to the site owners free of charge, but Kuznetsov has since ordered and end to this practice, Maximov echoing the sentiments.
Good! They don't deserve knowing about their vulnerabilities anymore. Comrade Maximov and NSS should stop being so merciful and start exploiting vulnerabilities of anti-Kolyma sites!

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