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Combined retaliatory attack on Sageru IRC over in minutes: Network compeltely offline

JUST IN: A combined spam attack on irc.sageru.org took out the network, whos owner, tokiko, used to facilitate anti-kolyma attacks.

In just minutes the 2 Kolyma agents flooded one channel until the entire network crashed.

Comrade Kuznetsov says (paraphrasing): "Its sad that we had to do this to meltingwaxs server, but unfortunately he is just another collateral casualty in this longstanding defensive war against robert and the 5th column.

The monas speak on the matter
(;´Д`) kuz needs to stop immediately, this warfare is dangerous for our democracy and morally dubious!

( ´ω`) Based
>server cant even handle a few freedom fighters
Sad! No way to lead an anarcho-pedophile society.
no one:
the bros: i see this as an absolute win!
kek, based
Typical of Kolyma's enemies! They are incapable (´ー`)

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