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Director Maximov says "Trans rights" aren't real: Calls for censorship of Pro-Trans elements

"What are trans rights?", some may ask. The answer, according to a LGBT lobbying group QueerEvent Ca. is:

>We want to walk down the street on our way to work and school without inappropriate comments, stares and general transphobia.

>We need to have the same right to visit the grocery store, bank, restaurants and other business without experiences discrimination.

>We want to be accepted for the rental agreement, job opportunity, team position and not be denied solely because we are Trans.

Maximov says theres a "fundamental flaw" in these set of rights, as giving them the RIGHT not to be stared at or recieve any hate or critisism means taking away the rights of others, and leaving massive legal loopholes in regards to the illegality of looking at people the wrong way.

Director Maximov says that the "Trans Trend" is pushing harmful rhetoric to the people and says it needs further restrictions in the Kolyma Network

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