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[Matome] Schizophrenia Incarnate? Users from the party dox a streamer through the most unlikely method [EXCITING!]

Just in: Today, users from the imageboard "soyjak.party", which has over 1 million posts as of 2022 - and which has, despite the name evolved long past posting soyjaks, doxxed of one of their nightly raid threads, a common occurence on the site, in a highly unusual manner. These antics have been previously discussed on Yahoo news, and has become one of the highlights of the sites unsavory activities.

A streamer, who's personal details will remain censored, and name obscured, became the victim of the raiders. After having her stream taken offline by raiders, she posted to her twitter account a warning that other streamers need to beware of the "gem people", a exonym given to soyjak.party users by their victims do to the repeated use of the term "gem" and "coal", phrases which denote good and bad posts on the website.

An archive of the post can be found here: https://archive.ph/FJDHH

The tweet, which caught the attention of many, and was instantly flooded with replies from raiders, including from the admin of the website, Kuznetsov. https://twitter.com/realKUZNETSOV/status/1553180898392215555

Elated by the attention, a particularly attentive soyteen (Note: Users of the site, who are often underage, are colloquially referred to as soyteens by both outsiders and other posters), scoured the streamers twitter, and using an unknown method, located the streamers rough location through a picture of an ice cream cone taken in front of a starbucks.

To emphasize, the victim was located using bricks and a sign, within roughly 10 minutes, and confirmed within an hour.

This was roughly explained in this photo, which has circulated on the site. https://2ch.sh/src/2497.png

Through this, other details such as their face were quickly found, and the user has reportedly told their twitter followers that their life has been threatened and that they are fearing for their safety. One troll suggested that other trolls order pizza to scare them.

As of this current date, 40 streamers have had their accounts disabled through the raids, which has drawn alot of criticism to the sites Administrator. Users of the online forum "lolcow.farm" petitioned kuz to ban the threads from the site, but received no reply. Several online streamers, including Vtubers, have gone public with both warnings of the site and its users, pictures of the sites content, and naive threats to have it pulled from its hosting provider.

In compliance with KNN policy, all identifying information has been obscured, more details on this will be posted later.
marge, im confused
what did he mean by this?
Soyjak.party won, azzy lost
To quote news4vep on a previous instance of this happening:

>So how did some imageboard users get this streamer banned? Well the answer is simple. When streamers play a game known as jackbox, where other players draw and name art, trolls from the site may draw obscene artwork and name it racial slurs. Then, after the artwork is revealed, the surprised and shocked streamer is reported to clueless twitch staff for showing porn and racial slurs
Chuds won.

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