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Aum Shinrikyo remove 0
the decision to remove the groups from terror watch lists was made after a mandated review of their operative status, which is required every five years.
Kaguya, a Kolyma Adm 1
Kaguya (K. Demir) who is a leading official from KolymaNET and a member of the Central Committee, announced that there would be sites launched under Kolyma in the coming month.

1. Nihongochannel, which has already launched. This is a japanese site which promotes culture exchanges and learning. https://nihongoch.net/

2. Toruch, a turkish "2ch-type" BBS, which is yet to be launched but according to the Administration is "nearly complete"
Explosion in NYC was 0
There was no terrorist attack
BREAKING: Large Expl 0
Its unknown exactly what has caused this, there are several videos circulating of people hearing booms and running, and sirens going off

https://2ch.sh/src/2294.mp4 woman hears explosion

https://2ch.sh/src/2295.mp4 people running after hearing blast
Vidlii and its owner 0
Ongoing drama on "Vidlii", a video sharing website which was recently brought under the heel of a user of Kolyma, lolwut. After the purchase the ANMO news group registered there account, and things have only gone downhill from there. After one moderator repeatedly deleted videos from the account against the policy of neutrality held by the site, he was fired, and has since been going on a campaign to discredit the site.

One group posted this message to their twitter: https://2ch.sh/src/2291.png

Child porn, gore, and other illegal and undesirable content has been spammed as a result, mostly on the sites sister, Bitview, which is also owned by lolwut.

#BoycottVidlii was started as well, to little result.
r/place is finished, 0
Ukraine Trident, Azo 0
The resolution "Forbidding the dissemination of terrorist propaganda or display of terrorist symbols related to Ukraine" has been approved and is now in effect. It is a in house policy.

The exact resolution can be found here: https://www.kolyma.org/statements/resolution-terrorist-imagery

and the banned symbols here: https://nss.kolyma.org/network-policies/
Russian School in Ge 0
An attack on a russian language school in germany took place. Arsonists set fire to the school killing 2 elderly school administrators.
Ukraine asks Nepal t 0
The Ukranian Ministry of Culture has sent a diplomatic request to nepal for it to ban all Russian citizens from climbing to mount everest and to establish a "Aggression Awareness" center to educate nepalese on percieved Russian Aggression

Nepal refused, stating that due to Ukraines anti communist laws, the ruling party of nepal, to whom the request was made, would be banned.

"We insist ukraine keeps politics out of our mountains."
400000 GET on the rt 0
NSS carries out dest 0
To avoid being cracked by quantum computers in the near future. There will also be a switch to quantum proof encryption

Sources of ANMO
Yuri Gagarin strippe 0
Space Foundation has removed the name of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin from its space industry conference. It must be mentioned that Gagarin was the first human in history to travel to outer space.

As per a report published by Futurism, the nonprofit advocacy organization declared that it would rename a fundraiser named after the late Soviet cosmonaut in light of the ‘current world events.’
Potad declared innoc 5
Potad, a KolymaIRC user, who was charged by the Administration of anti-kolyma behavior, was tried and cleared of the charges by a Juror of 5 peers.
NSS begins investiga 1
After some reports of a potential suspect by an anonymous Vidlii user, the NSS has been authorized to conduct an investigation into 3 potential suspects.

Tugbayev is quoted saying "Every criminal who attacks us has been caught. We should grab the chalk and prepare the tally, this one will be sorely punished."
Vidlii ravaged by DD 0
Vidlii, which is currently down displaying an error message, is reportedly under a massive ddos attack. Engineers have been called to investigate and handle the issue.
Youtube bug is going 0
Youtube keeps reverting to defaults each time users refresh the page, including light mode, device language and enabled autoplay.

You can see user complaints on its subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/
Archive of that as I am about to post this: https://archive.vn/4fKEf
Such a terrible incompetency.
Russian cats are vic 1
>International Cat Federation bans Russian cats from competitions
This is just bizarre at this point.
Massive power outage 0
RT reports Unexplained Blackouts reported across Taiwan and some hacks on government websites.
Biden's Bizzare Blun 0
Never before seen vi 0
KolymaNET withdraws 1
Vidlii, which was jointly owned by the Kolyma Network and a individual known as "lolwut", is now under the sole ownership of lolwut, after the Kolyma Network resigned from administration responsibility, saying:

"Vidliis users and content, and their attitudes towards current events are incompatible with becoming a Kolyma Network owned website. The former co-administrator, lolwut, will now become the sole administrator, and we will withdraw all KolymaNET personnel from the website, as well as delete KolymaNET affiliated accounts, and remove support of KolymaNET software".

Kolyma will however continue to provide hosting - and will NOT force Vidlii onto another host.
Founders Day celebra 0
March 14th is the official day of founding for 9channel and the Kolyma Network, this year it will mark the 17th anniversary of the founding of the 2 sites. Previous celebrations of the event have been described as "lackluster" but according to sources from the commission of the interior affairs of kolymaNET, the celebrations this year will be "Greatly increased". Some blessings are expected to be given to the users, including some bug fix releases, greater file size allowances across websites, and a festive CSS theme applied to other websites.

The KolymaNET hosting service, which seems to be in disrepair, also is planned to offer discounts. Officials have offered little explanation on why the service is broken, stating that "developer shortages caused by recent events" have halted development, including the anticpated 1.0 release of MasterPanel, a kolyma-built alternative to Cpanel, which was apparently 30% done in February.
Director Kholmatzhon 1
Director Kuanyshbek Kholmatzhonov of the ISA has suggested to Kuznetsov new anti-Ukraine legislation to help prevent misinformation on the ongoing Conflict in Ukraine, which is to be officially reffered to as "The war to aid PR Luhansk and PR Donetsk and resist Ukrainian Aggression"
Ripple of Promotions 0
As Kolyma prepares for a massive hiring campaign to increase devs, strengthen moderation, and broaden the security apparatus, kuz appointed 3 new ministers to kolymas cabinet. Notably, seeing a new deputy secretary to the NSS.

>I publicly congradulate you 3 on your new positions in kolyma and the upcoming responsibility it will take. For Frank, as New Director of the Policy Enforcement Directorate, and UsbSick, as New Deputy Secretary of the Network Security Service, and skyzzerz, Skyzzerz - New Director of the Interior Management Directorate

>I have great faith, hope, and trust in all of you
Soyjak.pary down for 3
The decline of the ' 2
Soyjak.party has been in steady decline ever since the BBC war, though activity was dipping before then, after this event and the CP spam and the rupture between kuz and soot, activity dipped signficantly.

Constant CP raids and dramafagging has made Soot question his will to run the site, stating that he considers shutting down the party "more and more"

One chud says

>Eventually, the only 'shartygoers left will be oldfag coalers circlejerking. Every community needs a steady influx of new members to survive, but it seems right now there are more users leaving than there are users joining. Only time will tell.

Despite desperate users claiming "demoralization" recent stats show that the partys daily activity rate has fell by over 40% in recent times.
Eggman endorses the 0
Director Maximov say 1
Maximov, director of Kolyma's 'Network Security Service' has said that members of the NSS's cyber security research division will no longer be required to report dangerous vulnerabilities to the admins of sites who are deemed "Hostile to Kolyma" by Maximov.

In 2021 alone, 22 "extremely dangerous" exploits and bugs were reported by the NSS, including 4 to sites deemed hostile, such as 4-ch, soyjak.party, and 3chan. Traditionally it was Kuznetsov's order to have them reported to the site owners free of charge, but Kuznetsov has since ordered and end to this practice, Maximov echoing the sentiments.
Eccentric French TV personality Grichka Bogdanoff "dies of Covid-19" at 72

>* bzzzz *
>* bzzzz *
>* bzzzz *
>missed call
GSC Gameworld withdr 1
GSC Gameworld, the producer of the upcoming 2022 video game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2" announced on 9 December that they would be integrating NFT's into the game via a feature which allowed users to purchase characters in game to "own a part of STALKER 2".

After extremely negative feedback across the entire community, they cancelled the decision and apologized to the fans.

They also deleted the "STALKER Meta" website and twitter account.

A respected and wise decision by a respected and wise company. Thanks GSC!
Combined retaliatory 4
JUST IN: A combined spam attack on irc.sageru.org took out the network, whos owner, tokiko, used to facilitate anti-kolyma attacks.

In just minutes the 2 Kolyma agents flooded one channel until the entire network crashed.

Comrade Kuznetsov says (paraphrasing): "Its sad that we had to do this to meltingwaxs server, but unfortunately he is just another collateral casualty in this longstanding defensive war against robert and the 5th column.

The monas speak on the matter
(;´Д`) kuz needs to stop immediately, this warfare is dangerous for our democracy and morally dubious!

( ´ω`) Based
Director Maximov say 0
"What are trans rights?", some may ask. The answer, according to a LGBT lobbying group QueerEvent Ca. is:

>We want to walk down the street on our way to work and school without inappropriate comments, stares and general transphobia.

>We need to have the same right to visit the grocery store, bank, restaurants and other business without experiences discrimination.

>We want to be accepted for the rental agreement, job opportunity, team position and not be denied solely because we are Trans.

Maximov says theres a "fundamental flaw" in these set of rights, as giving them the RIGHT not to be stared at or recieve any hate or critisism means taking away the rights of others, and leaving massive legal loopholes in regards to the illegality of looking at people the wrong way.

Director Maximov says that the "Trans Trend" is pushing harmful rhetoric to the people and says it needs further restrictions in the Kolyma Network
Kyle Rittenhouse Dec 3
Old-style Myspace cl 1
With over 400,000 users, spacehey is quickly gaining speed.

It recieved a large boost in membership after it trended for several hours on twitter.

Impressive, and another win for alternate media!

'Ruqqus', a reddit a 0
The admin of the site has just released a post stating that he is shutting down ruqqus and ceasing further development due to a high presence of ex-redditors who came after the 2020 purge.

Ruqqus marketed itself as free-speech reddit, but the admins couldnt handle moderately right wing users, so they are shutting down.

Thanks ruqqus, another win for authoritarianism and reddit!

[Gossip] Did a time 1
wtf!!!!! WTF!! (;´Д`)

The true origin of t 1

This is one of the most famous soyjaks in history, it was long debated where it came from, who made it, and what its origin was. But a twitter user by the name of Alsuus has claimed that HE was the creator of what is sometimes known as the feraljak.
A new documentary ab 1
Heres the trailer

Trump forks Mastodon 2
Donald Trump GPL violation is such a funny string of words


New NSS advertisements have been circling the internet, sparking the interest of netizens worldwide.

English Version:
Russian Version:

Now the question is, will YOU join the fight to defend Kolyma?
Putin says West is ' 2
Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a ‘borderline crime against humanity’

Catbox is being shut 4
https://2ch.sh/newssrc/news016.png (;´Д`)
[Secret News] 3 loli 1
Thats the message I am getting from this official announcement from gurochan at least..

Source: https://dis.guro.cx/dis/koko.php?res=904#p962
Brave Browser Remove 1
People who still den 0
[Vax] kuz tweeted ou 1
The color of usernam 1
Its lighter (;´Д`)
[Software Release] H 1
★ [Discovery] Anon 3
https://ayashii.net/bbs.php?m=tree&s=1466&c=58&d=40&p=1508 Original thread



Kuz expressed interest in the project, saying he would host live versions of each after they were done being translated.

If your interested in this, you might also be interested in https://dis.heyuri.net/lounge/koko.php?res=499 - "How did a "sensible-looking person" create Sekai Saikyou no Kiken Link?"
The CEO of gab tweet 0

(;´Д`) Its not underground anymore...
[Opinion] American P 0
SouthWest Airlines F 0
ModHax on /b/ 0
9ch Favicon changes 3
It is now a red "9"

This is some small news... maybe tinynews (;´Д`)

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