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Network-wide celebrations are planned for 30. June: Kuz day (0) Aum Shinrikyo removed from extremism watchlist by Biden Administration (0) Kaguya, a Kolyma Administrator, announced the launch of new sites this month (1) Explosion in NYC was a manhole cover (0) BREAKING: Large Explosion in Times Square (0) Vidlii and its owner #Cancelled (0) r/place is finished, here are the final results (0) Ukraine Trident, Azov Cross, Flag, and others among new list of banned symbols (0) Russian School in Germany burned by Arsonists, 2 elderly ethnic Russians killed (0) Ukraine asks Nepal to ban Russians from Everest, Nepals response is unexpected (0) 400000 GET on the rty taken by pro-kuz forces, biggest GET in rty history (0) NSS carries out destruction of over 1500 encrypted documents (0) Yuri Gagarin stripped of all titles by Space Foundation and removed from NASA website "in light of recent events" (0) Potad declared innocent by Court of KolymaNET (5) NSS begins investigation of cyberterror attack on Vidlii (1) Vidlii ravaged by DDoS attacks (0) Youtube bug is going unfixed for 13+ hours (0) Russian cats are victims of the latest sanctions (1) Massive power outage in taiwan, two gov ministery websites hacked (0) Biden's Bizzare Blunder: "He may encircle kiev, but he will never crush the spirits of the Iranian People" (0) Never before seen video of 9/11 hitting the second tower found on youtube (0) KolymaNET withdraws from Vidlii ownership, now hosting only (1) Founders Day celebrations in Kolyma approach, preparations for large celebrations begin. (0) Director Kholmatzhonov proposes KolymaNET policy changes to curb Ukrainian Propaganda (1) Ripple of Promotions across Kolyma as kuz prepares recruitment increase (0) Soyjak.pary down for 5 hours (3) The decline of the 'party? February activity down 40% (2) Eggman endorses the sharty on stream (0) Director Maximov says he will no longer report vulnerabilities to 'websites with hostile admins' (1) GRICHKA BOGDANOFF DEAD (0) GSC Gameworld withdraws all NFT-related content from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 after negative feedback (1) Combined retaliatory attack on Sageru IRC over in minutes: Network compeltely offline (4) Director Maximov says "Trans rights" aren't real: Calls for censorship of Pro-Trans elements (0) Kyle Rittenhouse Declared Not Guilty on all charges (3) Old-style Myspace clone "SpaceHey" explodes with popularity (1) 'Ruqqus', a reddit alternative, is shutting down due to extremism (0) [Gossip] Did a time traveler from 2019 predict the coronavirus economic crash? [Strange] (1) The true origin of the "You WILL" soyjak has been unmasked (1) A new documentary about the January 6th protest is coming this November (1) Trump forks Mastodon, what world are we living in? (2) [RECRUITMENT] Kolyma Puts Out New NSS Ad (2) Putin says West is 'monstrous' for indoctrinating children into transgrenderism (2) Catbox is being shut down (4) [Secret News] 3 lolis sneakily return, unnoticed. [G3] [Kolyma] (1) Brave Browser Removes Google as its Default Search Engine (1) People who still deny wikipedias bias, have you no sense? (0) [Vax] kuz tweeted out vaccine misinfo [Danger] [Vaccine] (1) The color of usernames on koko boards has changed (1) [Software Release] HeyuriRemix - RNS Remix 4.02 [New] (1) ★ [Discovery] Anonymous user on StrangeWorld@Heyuri investigates older SW scripts. [Archaeology] (3) The CEO of gab tweeted a soyjak cartoon (0) [Opinion] American Propagandists list multiple reasons to love DDOS-Guard (0) SouthWest Airlines Forum taken over by 4chan Trolls (0) ModHax on /b/ (0) 9ch Favicon changes [9ch] [Favicon] [Apiru] (3)

People who still deny wikipedias bias, have you no sense?

[Vax] kuz tweeted out vaccine misinfo [Danger] [Vaccine]
kuz win

The color of usernames on koko boards has changed
Its lighter (;´Д`)
i am NEET! my room is dark, it hurts my eyes!

[Software Release] HeyuriRemix - RNS Remix 4.02 [New]
big if true

★ [Discovery] Anonymous user on StrangeWorld@Heyuri investigates older SW scripts. [Archaeology]
https://ayashii.net/bbs.php?m=tree&s=1466&c=58&d=40&p=1508 Original thread



Kuz expressed interest in the project, saying he would host live versions of each after they were done being translated.

If your interested in this, you might also be interested in https://dis.heyuri.net/lounge/koko.php?res=499 - "How did a "sensible-looking person" create Sekai Saikyou no Kiken Link?"
Where did Caesar keep his armies?
A: Up his sleevies.
so cool ヽ(´∇`)ノ
https://2ch.sh/src/1861.zip ITS OUT

The CEO of gab tweeted a soyjak cartoon

(;´Д`) Its not underground anymore...

[Opinion] American Propagandists list multiple reasons to love DDOS-Guard

SouthWest Airlines Forum taken over by 4chan Trolls

ModHax on /b/

9ch Favicon changes [9ch] [Favicon] [Apiru]
It is now a red "9"

This is some small news... maybe tinynews (;´Д`)
innovation at its finest.
A new red 9 icon for 9ch!

Yahoo! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
The East is Red!ヽ(´∇`)ノ

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